Machine Vision Camera

Case Study


This 5MP CMOS camera is developed to provide a CMOS sensor based platform which captures raw images and streams these images over Ethernet

Business Objectives

Technology & Skillset Augmentation:


Customer has expertise in developing PC based machine vision processing algorithms. He lacks technology know how and skillsets to develop such a camera product which can capture 5MP images and streams over Ethernet. He was looking for a partner who can bridge the technology and skillset gap for him in order to launch a new machine vision camera solution in market




Customer did not have a in-house team to take care of production activities once the product is designed and ready to manufacture. Therefore the customer was looking for a partner who can take up the production activity for him and supply quality camera which are ready to ship to his cus tomers/distributors

Benefits Delivered

      • 100% functionalities were achieved in first prototype phase
      • Complete support to run customer’s image processing algorithms using our camera
      • Mass manufacturing / OEM Model
      • Expedited project delivery schedules

Project Information

Top level specifications of the project: 5 Mega Pixel On semiconductor’s CMOS image sensor, small form factor, DC powered, NXP imx8 SoC based design. Various Interfaces like DDR4, eMMC, USB 2.0. LED indications, 1Gbps Ethernet and general purpose outputs, on board power supplies

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