Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch

Client Background


The client is a leading player in Telecom and Networking equipment industry with products for enterprise and industrial networking.

Project Information:


The project was to design a managed ethernet switch for industrial applications. Since it was an industrial-grade product, apart from the standard communication protocols, the product was to be designed to meet harsh environment specs like extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks. The form factor was also very small to meet the industrial application needs. The requirement specifications were:

  • 8 10/100 Mbps ports
  • 2 1Gbit Ports, 2 Fiber optics Ports
  • Modular hardware expandable up to 24 port switch by add-on board
  • Up to 4K MAC Address entries
  • Supports:
    • Port mirroring, Flow control, Bandwidth control, Broadcast Storm Control
    • Port based and Tag based VLAN, Class of Service



The product was designed based on networking chipset with Intelligent Web server controller, Gigabit Transceiver, 10/100 Fast Ethernet Transceiver. The other features included: 2MB NOR Flash, architecture to support 24 ethernet ports, fiber optic port and interfaces like RGMII, SMII, RS232, SPI, I2C.

A 6-layer board was designed with high-speed board design considerations like all differential line length were matching, onboard power components design and proper ground plane considerations.



Teq Diligent leveraged its expertise in Networking Domain to offer end-to-end solution right from requirement specs, design architecture, hardware design, firmware development, protype testing & validation.

A well-defined Product Design Process helped in delivering first-time right prototypes with no design iterations.

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