Embedded Design Services in California


Embedded design, in one or other form, is at the core of each digital device that computes or uses logic to produce accurate outcomes. Any innovative digital product that has been tailored to meet your specific needs rides on the potential of underpinning embedded system. At Teq Diligent, with the help of our design service expertise in California, we make it seamless for our clients to implement embedded systems to fulfill their exact requirements.


Functional Designs that matter


Teq Diligent operates from India, but caters round the clock to clients based in California. Our excellent support infrastructure and steadfast commitment to design functionally robust, reliable and custom designs would fulfill your expectations.

Our team possesses the needful expertise, market exposure, and contemporary skills needed to design:

      • Powerful Embedded Hardware
      • Versatile firmware
      • Customized applications for special needs


Alongside this, we have proven expertise in:


      • Assessment and validation of existing systems
      • Ascertainment of the efficiency and flawlessness of embedded systems


Get your systems designed for optimum productivity


Teq Diligent is the professional home to a proficient team of seasoned, qualified, and contemporary skilled professionals. We are well-versed with all technologies that dominate the present scenario. Clients in California can leverage their profitability quotient by affirming their trust in our abilities. We have a glorious track record of designing and deploying an array of top notch systems for various prestigious organizations.


Our outstanding service features:


Embedded hardware design:


      • Feasibility study
      • System Architecture
      • Detail Design
      • Schematic and PCB Layout
      • Gerber Generation
      • CAM and DFM validation
      • Manufacturing and Assembly Support


Embedded Software Design:


      • Software architecture layering
      • Development of BSP or Board Support Package
      • Tuning of kernel
      • Efficient management of power for battery intensive applications
      • Embedded application layer
      • Firmware and middleware development aligned with the characteristics of the OS
      • Inherent portability based on the demands placed on application by operation processes
      • Development of drivers that strengthen interface usability
      • Factoring in of various codecs and protocols for optimizing middleware
      • Development of firmware for embedded systems that are essentially non-OS


Teq Diligent: Offering embedded design services for California


Our state of the art infrastructure, access to relevant resources, creative prowess and technical know-how has empowered us to develop cutting edge systems that have earned profuse praise of clients. We cater to Californian businesses in reactive and proactive manner for stepping up their productivity and ROI potential.


Why Teq Diligent?


      • Defining functional modules through incorporation of all relevant specifications
      • Comprehensive testing and validation procedures
      • Design conducive to easy integration with other contemporary services
      • Optimization of system properties for sustained performance
      • Online training to user team
      • Top notch support and maintenance facilities
      • Design transfer in its entirety
      • Zero system downtime


We have flexible hiring modules with affordable pricing options. Our support team is accessible 24X7 for troubleshooting for seeking response to particular queries.

We help you gain a definitive edge over contemporary businesses in California by equipping you with Embedded Systems that would turbocharge your venture.

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