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Embedded systems today are expected to perform complex functions with greater efficiency and guaranteeing real-time performance. Therefore, embedded software development becomes a very important part of product design cycle. Teq Diligent offers embedded software development services covering complete spectrum right from OS porting/ BSP development to embedded applications. The team has expertise on various software components like device drivers, multimedia codecs, protocol stacks, web and mobile application

Our skill-set ranges from microprocessors to real-time operating systems and we execute turnkey embedded systems software development projects for new products as well as software services for existing ones.



As product features keep evolving over the development cycle, we follow Agile Development Process which enables us shorten the development cycle and deliver products much faster. Based on the requirements, Teq Diligent team works step-by-step towards design, develop, test and deployment of embedded software.

Multiple rounds of reviews, testing before field deployment makes the embedded software more robust and reliable in the field.




BSP: BIOS, Boot loader, Initializations

Operating System: Embedded Linux, Free RTOS, Android, Nucleus

Device Drivers: USB, Multimedia, streaming Audio/Video drivers, Smart cards-ISO7810/16 drivers, Serial interfaces, Networking interfaces, display devices, wireless interfaces

Kernel: Task Management, Memory management, Power management, File system: HAL

Middleware: Protocol Stack implementation – BLE, TCP/IP, MOD bus, MQTT, Wi-Fi, Zigbee PRO, ZWave, Bluetooth-Classic, USB, MODBUS, EtherCAT, Library management



Embedded Software – OS based systems

Teq Diligent team has expertise on different hardware platforms, tools and OS which helps us deliver high quality embedded software. We cover entire spectrum from board support package (BSP), Kernel porting & customization, power management, middleware to application layer.

Application Development

Teq Diligent understands the embedded application development challenges related to intuitive user interface, system timing, device safety, power consumption and complexity of other tasks to be performed. Engineers at Teq Diligent are skilled and have the expertise to address the above challenges.

Embedded Software – Non OS systems

Teq Diligent team has expertise develop software for non OS based systems. Task planning, coding with limited RAM and ROMs, peripheral management are some of the challenges in such systems. We have delivered multiple projects with non OS based systems successfully.

Software Optimization

This service focuses on analyzing the embedded software and optimize it for improved performance. We optimize the software for memory utilization, CPU resource utilization, boot time improvement and power consumption. We are equipped with tools and skill-set to help customers for these types of needs.

Success Stories

E-Paper Display with BLE & NFC Connectivity

Project was to design E-paper display for a leading player in media & advertising industry

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60301249 - programmable logic controllers installed in a control panel. selective focus.
MODBUS Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

MODBUS based RTU with Analog and Digital input/ outputs for industrial process monitoring and control.

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GPS Tracker with BLE

GPS Based location tracking gadget designed for a leading consumer electronics company

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3G Enabled Industrial Control System

3G Enabled Process Control System design with Analog, Digital I/O, Touch Screen and other interfaces.

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