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Embedded designs underpin all digital and computing devices in one or more forms. Designing of any new, customized or innovative digital product essentially needs to factor in embedded systems. Teq Diligent makes it easy for you to embrace and implement embedded systems with its comprehensive range of services.


Teq Diligent is your one stop destination for Embedded design services. Based in India, we offer diverse design services to our esteemed clients in San Jose. Our expertise encompasses the complete gamut of skills needed for designing of custom, rugged, reliable and functional embedded products including:


  • Embedded Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Specialized applications


We also facilitate


  • Testing and validation of systems
  • Certification support for embedded systems


Complex system designing with elegance


Teq Diligent prides itself for having a competent fleet of experienced, proficient and prescient professionals who are conversant with the full spectrum of embedded system designing. Our San Jose clients can rely completely on the efficiency and knowledge of our technical team which has been at the forefront of designing and deploying numerous prestigious systems.


Stellar features of our services


Embedded hardware design:

      • Feasibility study
      • System Architecture
      • Detail Design
      • Schematic and PCB Layout
      • Gerber Generation
      • CAM and DFM validation
      • Manufacturing and Assembly Support

Embedded software Design:

      • Layered software architecture based on complexity of proposed system
      • Board support package or BSP development for varied hardware platforms
      • Kernel Tuning
      • Inherent Power management capability for battery friendly applications
      • Embedded application layer
      • OS oriented Firmware and middleware
      • Porting support as per application’s operational demand
      • Interface oriented driver development
      • Optimization of middleware as per the stipulations of different codecs and protocols
      • Firmware development for non-OS embedded systems


Teq Diligent: Offering services for San Jose businesses


At Teq Diligent, we are equipped with the strategic blend of qualified professionals, state of the art infrastructural support, contemporary resources, technical know-how, resources and creativity. We have catered to numerous top notch clients in the past. Our development services have been profusely praised by clients because of the competitive edge they lend to client’s business in terms of enhancing productivity, cost efficiency and turnover. Our expertise and awareness of dominating market trends enable us to cater exactly to the needs of our clients.


Why rely on us?


Entering into strategic alliance with us enable you to leverage your business’s inherent potential substantially. The product/services companies will be able to cope up with timely product launches, improve their brand values and increase their profitability. We offer cutting edge embedded systems development services that are proven, tested, validated and acclaimed.


Our innovative services encompass:

      • Comprehensive specification of relevant functional modules
      • Elaborate test procedures to ascertain project viability and eliminate potential bugs and flaws
      • Optimal designing for ease of integration with concomitant services
      • Optimized characteristics for sustained and top notch performance
      • Online training, support and maintenance
      • Transfer of designs
      • Ensuring zero or negligibly low mean time between failure quotient


We offer unparalleled rates in embedded hardware and software design services. Our support team can be reached 24X7 and our technical reps would promptly troubleshoot any issues that your system may be encountering.


Our swift and efficient support mechanism would help you surge ahead of the competition confidently. We have the entire array of embedded design services’ related mechanisms under one roof to optimally cater to your requirements.


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