TI Sitara based Access Control System Design (Non-Functional Prototypes to Certification Ready Product)

Client Background


Client was well established industrial automation company from India. Client was new in embedded system design area and started a new ODM division to cater to embedded system design. The end customer was a Canadian start-up firm who wanted to develop bio-metric authentication product for access control market. We were roped in to product development by client to support their complete hardware design and development activities till certification and pilot production.

Project Information:


Client was new in embedded system design domain, so expert consultation was required. End customer had very tight deadlines to release the product in market and showing its product to some prime trade shows across the globe. To minimize the product development cost, many product variants are planned which require same hardware boards. This makes hardware design more complicated and error prone.

Following are some of the top level specifications of the project:

  • Modular hardware design
  • Battery operated & DC input voltage operated Texas Instrument (TI) Sitara SoC based design
  • Various Interfaces like DDR3, NAND flash, MicroSD card, USB 2.0, LED indications, RFID interface, finger print sensor interface, buzzer, 2.5” capacitive touch colour video LCD interface, IR interface, PoE interface, Wigand interface, RS485 interface etc.



Teq Diligent has helped customer with taking up complete hardware design ownership of the project. Following are the various phases were Teq Diligent has contributed:

  • Schematic Design & expert reviews
  • Enclosure Design support
  • PCB Layout expert reviews
  • Monitoring and tracking hardware design project execution
  • Bring-up Testing, Functional Testing, Integration testing
  • Debugging & correcting all field test issues
  • Pre-Scan test & successfully passing all pre-scan test
  • Certification issue debugging support
  • Pilot production knowledge transfer
  • Support to solve all the pilot production bugs



  • Project was well under control
  • Expedited the hardware execution & therefore reduction in time for development
  • Quality of deliverables are improved
  • Certification ready design & prototypes were delivered
  • Pilot production started in time for one of the variants of the product

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