IP Camera

Case Study


This 3MP CMOS camera is developed to provide a CMOS sensor based camera which captures, compresses and streams HD video over Ethernet

Business Objectives

Technology & Skillset Augmentation:


Customer has expertise in distribution, marketing and selling security and surveillance cameras. They wanted to enter into market with their own security camera product to serve their customers in better way. Therefore they were looking for technology product engineering partner to develop such a camera product which can capture images, compresses and streams over Ethernet


Production Support:


As the Customer is from non-technology background, they were unable to take care of production activities once the product is designed and ready to manufacture. Therefore we supported customer to look after production activities along with their CM to supply quality camera and improve on yield

Benefits Delivered

      • Expedited project delivery schedules
      • Most of the Functionalities were achieved in first prototype phase
      • Mass manufacturing support
      • Successfully shipped hundreds of camera units in a year
      • Complete technology and skillset augmentation

Project Information

Top level specifications of the project: 3 Mega Pixel AR0330 CMOS image sensor, Night vision support, PTZ support, NXP’s i.mx 6 SoC based design, H.264 compression, steaming at 1080p at 30 fps. Various Interfaces like DDR memory, eMMC, USB 2.0, SD card, 1Gbps Ethernet and on board power supplies

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