CCD Data Acquisition System

Case Study


64 channel CCD data acquisition system is developed around Xilinx’s Kintex Ultrascale Family FPGA to run image processing algorithms

Business Objectives

Technology Augmentation:


Customer is scientific research institute who was having image processing algorithms related to scientific research. They needed a FPGA based CCD data acquisition platform on which these algorithms to be ported. They were looking for technology product engineering partner to develop a these high end customized data acquisition platform which can capture images from 64 CCD sensors, provide a timing signals and send this uncompressed images to PC over either 10Gbps fiber optic or camera link or Wi-Fi interface


One stop shop for product development:


As the Customer’s purchasing policies did not allow them to deal with multiple vendors for their product development need, they were looking for a product engineering partner who can own all the activities

Benefits Delivered

      • 100% Complete technology and skillset augmentation
      • One stop shop for all product development activities
      • Low latency video transfer
      • Achieved a ultra-low noise floor (less than 600uV)

Project Information

Top level specifications of the project: 64 channel CCD video inputs, Xilinx’s Kintex Ultrascale FPGA based design, 10gbps fiber optic network support. Various Interfaces like DDR4, Camera link interface, HDMI output, RS485, Wi-Fi and on board power supplies

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