5 Practical Ways to Reduce BOM Costs : Ideas for engineering and business leaders to profitable products

Reducing the BOM (Bill of Materials) cost of electronic hardware products involves two key components: procurement optimization and design optimization. While procurement optimization focuses on finding the best suppliers and negotiating prices, design optimization involves making strategic choices during the product development phase. In this post, we'll be delving into the world of design optimization and exploring the various strategies you can use to cut...

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How to estimate battery capacity?

More and more hardware designs are powered from battery with the rise of portable devices, hand held devices, IoT devices and wearable devices. As the battery selection directly affects back-up time and form factor of these devices, it is very important to find out right battery for these devices in the beginning of design process. This article illustrates the procedure on how to estimate required...

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Is my design a high speed digital board design?

With increasing demands for higher data rates and bandwidths of the signals over wired and wireless communications, more and more digital boards are now falling in to the category of “HIGH SPEED DIGITAL BOARDS”. There are critical issues associated with high speed digital boards if those boards are not handled appropriately during design and development phases of the product development. This can lead to iterations...

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