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We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy.

Hardware Engineering

Design, development, verification & certification of custom hardware for various Embedded Products

Embedded System Design

Design & Development of reliable & rugged Embedded System for various Product Domains

Software Apps Development

Mobile, Desktop, Data management - Custom Software application design & development

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Why Teq Diligent

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    Reduce Operational Cost

    Outsourcing to Teq Diligent is the most cost effective solution to handle your product engineering needs

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    Address Dynamic Markets

    Outsourcing to Teq Diligent reduces long term liabilities which help in addressing dynamic and volatile markets of today

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    Focus on Core & Strategy

    Outsourcing to Teq Diligent saves lot of time & resources. These can be invested in business core activities and strategy

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Client Reviews

  • Product came out very well in first attempt itself. We dont have to do reworking, redesign and all that. Right in the first attempt product was working very well. That I am very happy to share. This meant big achievement for us. I feel very happy and relieved at the same time. This was our first product we tried developing and introducing in the market and it turned out very well

    Managing Director, Product Company - Networking Domain

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