FPGA Engineering

Software for efficient & real-time product performance



All the embedded products comprise of one or the other kind of programmable chipset. Either it could be a microcontroller or microprocessor or FPGA or any ASIC chipset. FPGA, being a very crucial part of embedded products now a days, offers high level of flexibility in design. Though Microprocessors have unique capabilities in terms of easy integration with peripherals, in-built peripheral controllers, Development tools etc., FPGAs are also making their mark in all these aspects. Teq Diligent has all the capabilities to provide FPGA related hardware as well as programming services. Before mentioning FPGA related services, we would like to address the common questions any product engineering company has, who wants to incorporate FPGA in their design:

  • How well an FPGA could fit in the design? Is it a better choice than Microprocessor? Do we have all the tools required to program FPGA?
  • Do we know FPGA programming languages like Verilog, VHDL, etc.?
  • Can we select and integrate IPs and customize them as per our requirement?
  • Do we have test bench development capabilities for FPGAs?

All the above challenges could be addressed and full-filled by Teq Diligent team.


Services We Offer:

FPGA Programming not only involves coding but also much more than that. Following are our key services in FPGA domain:

  • Board design & development using FPGA
  • Customized IP development & Integration
  • Product Proto-typing
  • ASIC design & Verification


Key Strengths:

  • SystemVerilog based test bench generation
  • Test environment development and assistance
  • Functional and performance verification
  • RTL implementation and synthesize


Technical Expertise:

  • Complex board designs involving highest density FPGAs
  • SystemVerilog based approach
  • All major FPGA programming and verification including Xilinx, Altera, Microchip, etc.
  • Timing and DFT analysis
  • Advance verification techniques
  • Leveraging UVM/OVM methodology


Key Benefits:

Following are FPGA engineering related benefits we offer:

  • Architecture exploration and Design feasibility
  • Customized services as per application needs
  • Functional as well as code-coverage driven test bench generation


Case Studies:

  • 96-channel Data Acquisition System using Kintex Ultrascale
  • Data logger using¬† FPGA
  • Memory Tester