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Product came out very well in first attempt itself. We dont have to do reworking, redesign and all that. Right in the first attempt product was working very well. That I am very happy to share. This meant big achievement for us. I feel very happy and relieved at the same time. This was our first product we tried developing and introducing in the market and it turned out very well

   Managing Director, Product Company - Networking Domain


We involve Teq Diligent in most of our hardware design projects and experience has been really delighting. They helped us to make our products first time right by considering all design aspects in architecture and design followed by rigorous design reviews. On all projects where Teq Diligent is involved, our board bring-up time was far better than industry standard. The latest design was up and running two days time from receipt of assembled boards because of great work by Teq Diligent on the design.

   CEO, Electronics Product Design House, India


Teq Diligent team has made seemingly impossible hardware design possible. I feel that they created a differentiation by their approach towards making customer win in their market place. Design review and handling technical queries were the most effective areas during development.

   Director - Products & Solutions, Electronic product design and Engineering company, India


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