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Hardware Engineering

Most of the Embedded Product Design companies are aware about needs & importance of customized hardware. The need may be Product cost optimization, doing real time operations or product localization etc. But at times, companies are  not fully aware about customized hardware design challenges. Following questions can give heads up about practical hardware engineering challenges:

  • Is product idea feasible to realize? What are the risks involved in product design execution?
  • What are the board design complexities in today’s scenario with increasing demands of power and performance?
  • How to fit the components in smallest possible form factor?
  • How to maintain appropriate signal quality on high speed boards?
  • How to keep the components working on circuit board satisfactorily in extreme weather conditions?

Teq Diligent, one of the finest Hardware companies from India, provides Electronic design services and solutions to address all the above mentioned challenges. Teq Diligent’s Hardware Engineering team has knowledge, expertise and passion to handle all type of embedded hardware design concerns effectively for you.



Feasibility Check is indeed the best tool for product design companies to eliminate money and time wastage on product ideas which may not be practical to implement with current technologies. It also finds out risks involved and get prepared to knock down the risk when it arises during product engineering execution. This tool is available at very attractive price from Teq Diligent. Feasibility check at Teq Diligent covers providing multiple architectures of product idea, defining detailed technical requirements, selection of major components, power budgeting, top level BOM costing, estimating product form factor, product engineering project planning, finding out risk items and mitigation plans, product engineering budgeting and so on. At the end of feasibility check, a detailed feasibility report shall be created and submitted to customer which has lot of insightful information about product idea.

Schematic design at Teq Diligent is not simple schematic entry in EDA tools. It also involves component selection, Bill of Material (BOM) generation and optimization to meet certain BOM cost targets, checking electronic design rules, provide PCB layout guidelines by adding appropriate notes / special properties in schematic diagrams, doing component placement analysis. Teq Diligent also employs schematic review methods like symbol verification, net connection verifications and other peer & expert reviews to improve schematic design quality. These schematic level reviews play a major role to eliminate errors in boards early in product design phases. Teq Diligent can work with various Schematic design EDA tools like Cadence ORCAD capture, Altium Designer, Mentor Graphic DxDesigner, Zuken Cadstar etc..

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design is the most critical phase of custom hardware design. At Teq Diligent, PCB layout design involves footprint creation, footprint QA, placement of components, constraint management, pre-routing simulations, routing, post-routing simulations, design data QA, DFM, Gerber release. Teq Diligent has worked on various complicated PCB design projects - Multilayer (up to 10 layers) board design, Impedance controlled circuit board design, high component density PCB, Blind-buried / MicroVia / HDI board design. Teq Diligent provides various PCB level simulation services like thermal simulations, Signal Integrity (SI) analysis, EMI-EMC simulations. These simulations help to predict the board behaviour during real scenarios and take preventive or cautionary measures to improve performance of boards and eliminate some of the design iterations. Teq Diligent can handle projects using various E-CAD tools - Cadence's Allegro PCB Design Tool, Altium's Altium Designer, Mentor Graphic's Xpedition, Zuken's Cadstar etc.

Product performance and reliability can be achieved by appropriate test and validation. In different processes and standards (ISO, CMMI, DO254), it is emphasized to have independent test and validation to bring-out the most from Test & Validation. Product Design companies can leverage on this idea by off loading test & validation activities to Teq Diligent. Teq Diligent brings different perspectives to test and validate your products to check its performance and reliability in various conditions. Teq Diligent performs various tests like board bring-up tests, functional tests, integration tests, EMI-EMC pre-scan tests to check performance of hardware. Teq Diligent employs hardware validation tests like Thermal profiling, MTBF tests, (Environmental Stress Screening) ESS tests to check the reliability of the hardware. As part of Test & Validation services, Teq Diligent supports customers to carry out certifications and fix bugs of all possible tests to certify as per various standards like FCC, CE, UL, IC, RoHS and REACH.

Key Strengths

  • Hardware Design and development using high-end processors
  • 32-bit or 64-bit CISC or RISC Processors
  • Digital Electronic Circuit Board Design
  • Board design with SoC speeds up to 1GHz and board speeds up to 300MHz
  • Multi-layer, Impedance controlled board design
  • PCB level Simulations
  • High Speed Board Design
  • Independent verification and validation of custom hardware

Technical Expertise

  • DSP, Processor, Microcontroller, FPGA, CPLD based hardware design & development
  • High Speed Interfaces on board: DDR3, DDR2, Gigabit Ethernet, HD Video, HDMI, PCIe and SATA
  • High Speed Digital Board Placement, Layer Stack-ups, Routing analysis
  • Hardware testing instruments: CRO, Logic Analyzer, Digital Multimeters, Regulated Power Supplies
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Key Benefits

  • Design cycle time improvement because of Teq Diligent has Experienced Hardware Design Engineers
  • Improved Quality of designs compared to similar services from others because of process oriented approach
  • Teq Diligent customer support and query handling is appreciated by our customers 


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Client Reviews

  • Teq Diligent team has made seemingly impossible hardware design possible. I feel that they created a differentiation by their approach towards making customer win in their market place. Design review and handling technical queries were the most effective areas during development.

    Director - Products & Solutions, Electronic product design and Engineering company, India

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