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Embedded System Design

Most of the products in today’s digital era use some form of embedded digital computing. This computing need puts the product design in the entire new category, known as Embedded System Design. Embedded Systems Design requires knowledge of embedded hardware design, firmware development, application development, testing and validation and certification. Teq Diligent, embedded system company from India, is a place where people have expertise in all the above mentioned areas which are required to design reliable & rugged embedded systems

Embedded system shall have layered software architecture depending on complexity of systems. Themainareas to focus in a complex embedded systems development are – Board support package (BSP), Kernel tuning, power management for battery-friendly applications, middle ware and embedded application layer. Teq Diligent refers firmware as generic word for BSP, Kernel, middleware in OS based systems. Teq Diligent team has the required knowledge of different hardware platforms, tools, and OS porting expertise, embedded application development experience which helps them deliver high quality deliverables. Teq Diligent tailors its firmware development services as per the needsof customer to address:

  • BSP development for various hardware platforms
  • Driver development for various interfaces
  • OS porting on various hardware platforms
  • Middleware development and optimization(Various Codecs &Protocols)
  • Firmware development for non-OS type embedded systems
Embedded application is inseparable part of any high end embedded system. Teq Diligent understands the embedded application development challenges related to system timing, device safety, user-safety, power consumption, complexity of tasks to be performed by application. Engineers at Teq Diligent are skilled to handle all types of embedded application design & development that requires to address the above challenges.

Various sources show that failure to detect errors of system early in design phase costs a lot as project progresses. This failure could cause loss of market window opportunities, additional efforts to correct errors in later stages of product development or may be in worst case scenario product recall. Teq Diligent team helps businesses to solve this issue with its test and validation services. Teq Diligent provides test & validation services at any phase of product development by performing unit tests, functional tests, hardware validation tests, integration tests, pre-scan (EMI-EMC) tests, system stress tests. Teq Diligent also provides services to design and develop test suits, test automation for various platforms, diverse product domains and variety of manufacturing industries.
The other important element of embedded system is design & developing of embedded hardware in the constraints defined by mechanics, industrial designs, environmental conditions, certification requirements etc. We offer variety of different level of services to handle this important element of embedded system. Click here to know more about Teq Diligent’s Hardware Engineering services.

Key Strengths

•     Key strengths lie in the areas of ASIC & FPGA based designs, board bring up activities for a variey of hardware platforms like ARM, MIPS, PPC for both 32 bit and 64 bit processor markets, product re-engineering services,  and compliance engineering servicesBoot-loader customization, board bring up for bare-metal hardwares, power optimization for Android and Embedded Linux platforms.

•    Device driver development offerings: USB, Multimedia, streaming Audio/Video drivers, Smart cards-ISO7810/16 drivers

•    Code optimization

•    Firmware performance optimization & power management for battery powered embedded devices

•    Production test automation

Technical Expertise

•    Embedded System Design using ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, DaVinci, Xscale, PIC, PSoC, MSP430, NXP, Atmel, AVR, Silabs-EM357

•    Embedded System Interfaces: DDR3, DDR2, Gigabit Ethernet, HD Video, HDMI, PCIe, SATA …

•    Knowledge of Various protocol stacks – Wi-Fi, Zigbee PRO, ZWave, BLE, Bluetooth-Classic, USB, TCP/IP, MODBUS, EtherCAT

•    Operating Systems (OS) –Embedded- Linux, , WinCE, VxWorks, eCos, Nucleus, freeRTOS


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Key Benefits

Apart from the benefits mentioned on “Why Teq Diligent?” page of our website, following are Embedded System Design Services specific benefits: 

•    Quick turn-around time for customized embedded product development because of Teq Diligent has Experienced Embedded Software & firmware Designers onboard
•    Systematic process oriented development following Agile process for a full matured SDLC based development
•    Engage thoughtfully with a clear statement of work with architecture, designs documents honouring confidentiality  and IP.
•    TeqDiligent team’s ability to turn existing technologies into innovative products and services that sell well.Teq Diligent customer support and query handling is appreciated by many customers 

Client Reviews

  • Product came out very well in first attempt itself. We dont have to do reworking, redesign and all that. Right in the first attempt product was working very well. That I am very happy to share. This meant big achievement for us. I feel very happy and relieved at the same time. This was our first product we tried developing and introducing in the market and it turned out very well

    Managing Director, Product Company - Networking Domain

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