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Software Apps Development

•    Possess capabilities in visual design and usability testing.
•    Web based UX design on html5 framework, CSS, JSON, AJAX for business applications.
•    GUI applications on .Net framework using C#, VB, VC++  and  Qt framework, 
•    Android application development for smart embedded devices based on BLE and ZigbeePRO technologies.

Hardware Engineering

We have worked on multi layer boards. All of these boards were impedance controlled high speed digital boards. We have worked up to 10 layers, blind-buried PCB designs. Signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI) and thermal analysis were also performed for some of our earlier projects.

8-bit micro-controller based designs, 16-bit micro-controller based designs, 32-bit microprocessors based circuit designs, DSP and FPGA based circuit designs are performed by us. Our case studies demonstrate that we have done various hardware design projects based on Texas Instruments (TI) ARM or DSP SoC. Apart from TI, we have good control over Freescale, NXP, Samsung, Marvell, Atmel and Microchip etc.

Embedded System Design

Product’s performance and reliability can be made sure by appropriate test and validation. In different processes and standards (ISO, CMMI, DO254 …), it is emphasized to have independent test and validation to bring-out the most from Test & Validation. Product Design companies can take leverage on this idea by off loading test & validation activities to Teq Diligent. 

Teq Diligent brings different perspectives to test and validate your products to check its performance and reliability in various conditions.  Teq Diligent performs various tests like board bring-up tests, functional tests, integration tests, EMI-EMC pre-scan tests to check performance of hardware. Teq Diligent employs hardware validation tests like Thermal profiling, MTBF tests, (Environmental Stress Screening) ESS tests to check the reliability of the hardware.      

As part of Test & Validation services, Teq Diligent supports customers to carry out certifications and correct bugs of all possible tests to certify as per various standards like FCC, CE, UL, IC, RoHS and REACH.

•    Embedded System Design using ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, DaVinci, Xscale, PIC, PSoC, MSP430, NXP, Atmel, AVR, Silabs-EM357
•    Embedded System Interfaces: DDR3, DDR2, Gigabit Ethernet, HD Video, HDMI, PCIe, SATA …
•    Knowledge of Various protocol stacks – Wi-Fi, Zigbee PRO, ZWave, BLE, Bluetooth-Classic, USB, TCP/IP, MODBUS, EtherCAT
•    Operating Systems (OS) –Embedded- Linux, , WinCE, VxWorks, eCos, Nucleus, freeRTOS

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