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Multiport Unmanaged Network Switch Design [Hardware Engineering]

Multiport Unmanaged Network Switch Design  [Hardware Engineering]

Client Profile:

Client was Indian distributor of networking related products to major ISPs. They wanted to make their own networking product portfolio with USPs to compete with networking products imported from China
Business Objectives:
•    Cost effective product design to compete with other similar Chinese products 
•    Customer does not have any prior experience of embedded system design

Project Information:

Following are some of the top level specifications of the project: High speed board design, Taiwanese unmanaged network switch chipset. Various Interfaces like seven 10/100Mbps Ethernet, fiber optic port, DC-DC supply design etc


How Teq Diligent helped:

Teq Diligent has helped customer with taking up complete hardware design ownership of the project. Following are the various phases were Teq Diligent has contributed:
•    Feasibility Study
•    Architecture Definition
•    Schematic Design & expert reviews
•    Enclosure Design support
•    PCB Layout and expert reviews
•    Testing support


•    High Speed Digital Board design expertise augmentation
•    Cost effective design to reduce overall BOM cost
•    PCB size has reduced a lot to save on BOM costing


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